Letters to the editor

Road rules

The article says drivers need to know road rules relating to bikes, but it should also be noted that the people who ride bikes should know and follow the rules as well.

I give bikers a wide margin when passing them since I know that they are restricted in movement compared to a vehicle, yet I have seen them not following the rules that apply to everyone, either on a bike or car.

I have seen them go through stops signs, not stop for stop lights and ride against the traffic. Most of this occurs along Lakeview Drive. While waiting for a light to change at the Gate station on U.S. 27, I observed a biker make a left turn onto U.S. 27 even though the light was red, without even stopping. According to Florida traffic rules, they are subject to the same rules, thus they should be held accountable for such.

The majority of the people who ride bikes do follow the rules, and I thank them since we all must share the road and be safe, yet it scares me since in a accident, the biker loses.

Doug Wright


Not American

I was in the service in World War II and fought for a free country. It makes me sad to see our president say everyone has to have health insurance. It's nearly a Communist country. Isn't it sad that our Congress and Senate doesn't do something about it.

Ferris Rushlo


Fireworks show

An apparent miscommunication appears to have left this year's Sebring Fourth of July fireworks show rudderless.

The same thing happens every year. City officials never seem to have the money or time to plan for one of the best events to happen in Sebring. Cars and chairs used to line up completely around the lake. Someone needs to think ahead.

Adding food tents/trucks, vendors (arts and crafts) and games (corn hole and toss the midget) would bring in folks from all over. Posting concerned citizens' comments may wake up the city.

Charles Elliott Sr.