No boys allowed please

It's been dancing in the back of our minds for quite some time now, waltzing closer every weekend and leaving us feel as though we'd better hip hop along. Prom season looms and we must shop. Dress, shoes, and glittery hair things are needed and, unfortunately, there's limited selection in our local market. Cue the trip to Brandon, which we have found the perfect opportunity to get everything the teen needs and offer us a long drive to chat.

Having time to talk is a challenge at this stage of the game, as anyone with teens already knows. Between school, activities and sports, our gal is always on the go. Couple her schedule with the rest of the family's activities and weeks fly by.

Any female reading this column already knows prom dress shopping is an all-day affair, requiring plenty of time to see everything the mall has to offer before selecting can even be considered. After traveling through every possible store, we headed to our favorite.

We didn't really mind dilly-dallying before entering the large department store of a similar name. It is fun to see what's being offered and this year was no exception. We were surprised however by the large quantity of dresses in this delightful shade of neon pink I adore, but my teen would never be caught dead in. Her date should be thankful because I'm sure a hot pink tie was not on his list of favorites, either, although for the record, I think the color would have been great on both of them.

This holler-at-me-girl pink was everywhere on all sorts of designs. From the ridiculous high-low skirted messes to the fluffy, puffy party tutus, runner's pink was well represented. I call it runner's pink because it's the perfect shade of safety pink that seems to be replacing the Day-Glo yellow and hazard orange of urban running wear. It's grab-a-good-pair-of-sunglasses pink with just enough electricity thrown in to ensure you'll be able to see in the dark. Again, I thought it was fabulous.

These hot pink prom dresses also had the added voltage of beads, rhinestones and glitter making these screaming confections pop with oomph. I was giddy from the energy but she was having none of it. More of a classic gal, she was hoping for something in a natural blue or wine color, not Electric Dance Barbie.

As I continued to bring in dresses and she played runway model, a disturbing thing happened. In a dressing room full of teen girls and their moms, I slipped through a throng of gals waiting to be zipped, encountering a teen boy sitting in the midst of it all, apparently waiting on his young girl friend.

When my teen stepped out of a room, clutching the most recent dress closed, I walked right up to him and kindly asked him to wait outside. He gave me a sullen look and might have been considering talking back, but my eyebrow of death made it clear that it wouldn't have been a smart move on his part. Several of the moms gave me a nod of thanks as he exited.

I was almost more surprised by his boldness in entering the ladies dressing room in the first place then I was by no one else thinking to suggest his departure. Thankfully, he opted not to tango with this mom and perhaps will reconsider next time he decides to waltz into the girl's dressing room. So sorry young man, no boys allowed.