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Wednesday, Oct 07, 2015
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2013 Sertoma Junior Golf Tour results


2013 Sertoma Junior Golf Tour

Event 5 - Golf Hammock

Thursday, July 11

17-18 Boys Division

1st Cole Berger-74

2nd Rhett Pooley-76

3rd Colin Walkup-83

4th Terrel Williams-85

5th Dustin Baber-87

6th Jonah Brown-96

7th Kevin LaDue-99

8th Paul Cantwell-104

15-16 Boys Division

1st Colin Kresl-75

2nd Nic Staffieri-79

3rd Sam Rogers-81

4th Andrew Wally-82

T 5th Mathew Arnan-86

T 5th Cory Franks-86

8th Sam Weber-Callahan-89

9th Nick Kresl-90

10th Leighton Jahna-94

11th Coleman Nelson-102

13-14 Boys Division

1st Seth Hamilton-48

2nd Scott Hamilton-50

3rd Julian Crozier-54

4th Carson Warner-65

11-12 Boys Division

1st Beckham Donovan-49

2nd Will Redding-54

3rd David Herbert-58

4th Colby Gadsden-59

5th Jackson Griffin-60

6th Josh Bible-66

7th Jon David Spiegel-67

8th Clayton Osha-71

9th Clayton Samuels-75

9-10 Boys Division

1st Zach Doorlag-49

2nd Billy Carol-54

3rd Jaxon Davis-55

T 4th Avery Hurst-59

T 4th Clay Jacobs-59

6th Ethan Armentrout-60

7th Cade Scarborough-63

T 8th Lane Revell-67

T 8th Griffin Hall-67

10th Seth McKelvey-74

11th Carson Danzey-79

12th Jackson Gerard-84

14-18 Girls Division

1st Morgan Baxendale-71

2nd Kendall Griffin-77

3rd Sarah Liles-83

4th Meredith McKenna-90

5th Megan Crews-95

6th Lindsey Moffat-99

7th Meghan Griffin-101

8th Hannah Raulerson-107

9th Cami White-108

10th Alex Hornick-144

11-13 Girls Division

1st Ashley Engle-55

2nd Hannah Revell-68

3rd Alyssa Armentrout-70

6-8 Boys/Girls Division

1st Parker Griffin-33

T 2nd Jack DuPriest-38

T 2nd Brody Hall-38

4th Jay Walkup-42

5th Jarrett Hornick-43

6th Ian Frasier-44

7th Devin Wortinger-56

8th Rebecca Kesling-60