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A summer’s dream

— Team Florida, also known as the Sebring Machine Pitch All-Stars, defeated North Carolina by a score of 5-2 to win the inaugural Dixie Youth AA World Series in Texarkana, Ark. on Monday.

“After doing so well at the Pitching Machine State Tournament we had the mind set that we could win this,” said Team Florida coach William Sebring. “We made sure all the kids knew we had a shot at the World Series title and the kids responded to it and played well.”

Team Florida earned its way to the World Series by becoming the District 8 Champions in Okeechobee.

The win earned them a spot at the Florida State Tournament in Marianna, which they won in convincing fashion.

Team Florida was rested and ready for Monday’s championship game after watching North Carolina eliminate South Carolina to reach the final.

North Carolina had one loss and would have to beat an undefeated Team Florida twice to win the World Series, while the boys from Sebring needed just one win to claim the prestigious title.

North Carolina won the coin toss for home field advantage and Sebring went to work in the top of the first inning as Clayton Evans doubled, George Sebring ripped an RBI double and raced home on a base hit for a 2-0 lead.

Team Florida’s defense was on fire in the bottom of the first sending the first three batters back to the dugout as quickly as they came out.

North Carolina’s defense held Florida scoreless in the top of the third and scored a run itself to pull within 2-1.

In the top of the fourth, Team Florida’s Brody Green, Aiden Wyatt, Austin Joiner, Chase Sevigny, and Brad Benton all singled. Austin and Chase each had an RBI increasing the lead to 4-1.

Florida’s defense once again held North Carolina scoreless.

In the fifth inning, Florida was scoreless and North Carolina was able to put one more on the board bringing the score to 4-2.

In the top of the sixth all that was left to do was put what we could on the board and then hold them one more time.

Florida’s Zain Carmichael roped an RBI double to make it 5-2.

Everything that Florida had worked so hard to had come to this last half inning. All they needed to do was hold North Carolina to two runs or less.

The first batter hit a grounder to shortstop Jayden Garrett who fielded the ball cleanly and fired it to first baseman Ezera Jackson at first for the out.

The next batter hit it straight to the second baseman George Sebring who made the throw to first for the second out.

North Carolina’s last batter popped the ball up and Wyatt made the catch for the out. With that catch, Team Florida became the Dixie Youth AA World Series Champions.

Team Florida coach Sebring celebrated with his team and fellow coaches.

“All of the practice and hard work finally paid off for the players and parents alike,” said coach Sebring. “Thank you for all of the donations that made this trip possible. Thank you to our community for their support. This is a dream come true and a once and a lifetime experience for these boys.”

The boys on the team are Aiden Wyatt, Brody Green, Ezera Jackson, George Sebring, Clayton Evans, Jayden Garrett, Zain Carmichael, Rhett Vaughn, Chase Sevigny, Brad Benton, Cody Littlefield, and Austin Joiner.

Team Florida traveled 17 hours to Arkansas for the World Series which had eleven different states and a host team. Florida traveled the furthest and made it pay off in the biggest way.