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Easter extravaganza

- Sun 'n Lake Golf Club knows how to celebrate Easter in style.

The golf club has been holding special events in conjunction with its 40th anniversary, and Saturday capped the year-long festivities with a Dash & Dye 5k Color Run and Easter Festival at the Sun 'n Lake Recreation Complex.

"My board of supervisors knew that we held one 5k in October, and they asked me to do another one," Tenille Drury-Smith said, Sun 'n Lake's Community Services Director. "The Trick or Trot 5k, which coincided with Halloween, went so well with a race and festival back-to-back. So to space it out, we thought Easter would the be a great time to do another one."

Saturday was the first color run organized by Sun 'n Lake, but the event sold out quickly as well over 400 people registered for just the 5k. Games, activities, and an Easter egg hunt had also been setup for after the race.

"We expect close to 1,000 people here by the end of the day with all of the extra Easter activities," Drury-Smith said. "And with such a good turnout, there will definitely be another color run next year."

David Stephens won the 5k, capturing the race with an impressive time of 21 minutes, 53 seconds. Sunil Kumar was the Male Masters winner, trekking the course in 23:30.

On the women's side, junior speedster Zoe Wortinger was the Female Open winner. The 9-year-old set a brisk pace, trotting in at 22:43.8. Aleesa White was the Female Masters winner, finishing in 26:35.4, while Elena Febre was the Fmale Grand Masters champion. Febre finished in 32:03.8.

Other impressive times on the women's bracket came from the 11 to 14 age group. Rachel Sharp captured the class with a sizzling time of 24:00.3. Vaidehi Persad finished second at 28:23.4, while Abigail Penfield placed third at 28:30.5.

Hilary Fiocca won the 25-29 class in 24:31.7. Emily Harrison was second in 27:45.7 and Lacie Bovard was third at 30:07.7.

In the 35-39 age group, Maritza Morales edged Laura Van Fleet for first place. Morales finished in 27:40.8 to Van Fleet's 27:48.4. Tera Ming was third in 28:07.9.

Theresa Juliano captured the 40-44 class with a nimble time of 27:21.5. Vicki Hicks followed in second at 27:59.9, while Grace Kovens rounded out the top three at 29:11.1.

In the 45-49 class, Lisa Celentano breezed to first place with a time of 26:37.4. Mary Ann Andrews was second in 28:30.7 and Tammy Williams was third in 32:53.5.

Brenda Rickert was the only 55-59 runner to complete Saturday's 5k in under 30 minutes. Rickert captured the class in 28:04.9, besting Rayan Patel, who finished second in 36:23.5. Ramonita Pacheco was third in 47:13.1.

Meanwhile, on the men's side, Siddharth Ananthan won the 11-14 age group in 26:13.3. Jonathon Acosta was second in 28:24.9, and Craig Dassinger finished third in 28:26.4.

J.C. Kohl won the 20-24 class, galloping in at 25:02.8. David Swartzfager followed him in second at 29:34.3, while Brandon Gunn rounded out the top three in 30:03.3.

Aaron Lundquist slighted Adam Crews for first in the 30-34 age group. Lundquist finished in 24:09.4, while Crews came in at 25:58.8. Daniel Hudon finished third in 27:02.6.

In the 40-44 class, Kelly Hinkle was the only runner to place in under 30 minutes. Hinkle won the class with a time of 28:58.7. Bart Kovens finished second in 30:33.2, while John Collier was third at 51:15.7.

Only three runners competed in the 50-54 age group. Chris Beach finished first in 28:08.9, followed by Lamonte Simpson in 30:51.7, and Nelson Pacheco in third at 33:53.4.