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Holden steps down

The Lake Placid football program is looking for a new head coach after Jason Holden resigned on Wednesday.

Holden, who has been the Green Dragons head coach the past six years, thinks the time is right for someone new to take over the football program.

“There is no single event that prompted me to step down, but my heart just isn’t in it,” said Holden. “Being the head football coach requires a lot of time and dedication and my kids are getting older and I missed my family. “Too many times this past season, I would have rather been doing other things, and the players deserve a coach who is committed.”

A search is underway to fill the open position at the helm of the Lake Placid football program.

“We’re going to advertise the position,” said Lake Placid athletics director Jon Million. “We have to go through the school board process, but we should be able to get that done in a couple of days and it will be officially advertised.”

Lake Placid is looking for a head coach who can bring some stability and restore the Green Dragon football program back to its glory days.

“I’ve encouraged our assistant coaches to apply for the position,” Million said. “Typically the head coach has a teaching position as his primary job and coaching football is a supplemental position. “We do anticipate several teaching positions being open and we’re looking for the best coach possible.”

Million, who was a standout athlete and graduated from Lake Placid in 1987, knows something about the rigors and demands of being the Green Dragon head football coach, since he was in that position from 1999-2003.

“The new coach doesn’t have to of been a head coach,” Million said. “But we do want someone who has been an assistant coach at the high school or college level for several years. “It’s not just about X’s and O’s anymore, the head coach has to run the entire program. “That includes fundraising, building a staff and developing a relationship with the players. “It’s not just about what happens on Friday night’s.”

Lake Placid, which has 29 players out for spring football practice, has been in Class 4A-District 9 the past two years and the Green Dragons have struggled competing against schools with more depth and more athletes.

“It’s tough when you have to play kids both ways on offense and defense,” Holden said. “You have some kids go down with injuries, which is part of the game, and it leaves you at a real disadvantage.”

Holden will continue to work at the school as a physical education teacher and hopes to continue to have a positive impact on the lives of the Lake Placid students.

“What made the decision to step down really hard was the players,” Holden said. “I really do love them and want the best for them on and off the field. “I hate to break that bond but I’ll see some of the players in my classes and I will be there cheering for them on Friday night’s.”

Holden has enjoyed his time as the leader of the Lake Placid football team.

“You know going into this job there are going to be ups and downs,” said Holden. “The coach has to deal with that, but I’ve got some wonderful memories and made some great friendships that I’ll always treasure. “I’m sure the school will hire the right coach who will lead the program in the right direction.”

Lake Placid finishes spring practice next week and plays its spring game at Tenoroc on May 23.