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SEBRING – Running Junkie, a local business, put on their first running of the Howl at the Moon Trail Run at Highlands Hammock State Park on Friday, June 25. With approximately 50 runners the event was a success.

The race started at 9 p.m. with reflective flags marking the course. Runners wore head lamps, carried flash lights and wore all types of glow apparel on the run. The weather cooperated and very few mosquitoes were present. The runners were not the only ones glowing as the fireflies made a cameo appearance

The race was 3.85 miles on the bike trail and crossed through both camp grounds. The runners were even applauded by some of the campers on the course. It was not just a straight run, however.

Participants were given a glow ‘torch’ to be carried through the race, and had to participate in flipping tires. A little over half way through, race volunteers surprised the runners with sponge-fulls of ice water. Needless to say, surprised shrieks echoed through the Hammock that evening.

The Howl at the Moon Trail Run’s overall winner was Cullen Lovett ith a time of 36:35.and the overall female winner was Sebring CrossFit owner Lisa Celentano with a time of 37:40. The overall children’s winner was Brooker Revell with a time of 43:53.

Park Manager Brian Pinson has been interested in introducing new activities to the park and welcomed the event. He said he is looking forward to introducing other new events to the park.

Running Junkie owner and race coordinator Stacy Smehyl said, “We had numerous local participants as well as some from Bradenton and St. Cloud. There were also several people running in their first event.

“We had fantastic sponsors and several generous door prize donations. We’d like to thank everyone for their support.”

She said the event was made possible with the support of Tommy and Lisa Lovett, Sebring Crossfit, Legacy Bicycles, The Blueberry Patch, Haynes Pest Control, Food For Thought, Dr. Olga Leupschen and Gentle Foot Care, Fairmont Café, Brewsters Coffee House, A&Z Yogurt Café, Swaine & Leidel Wealth Services, Vinyl by Michael, Sabre Electric, Fleet Apparel, Mae Lee’s Café, Cake Wanted Bakery, Highlands County Sheriff’s Dept, and the Lake Placid Police Dept.

Visit www.runningjunkieadventures.com for updates on upcoming events.