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Pickleball part of Heartland Games

Part One of the Heartland Games for Active Adults Pickleball Tournament was held at South Florida State College on Friday. The pickleball segment of the games was coordinated by SFSC and the Tanglewood Pickleball Club.

Thursday night's thunderstorm left the College's tennis courts drenched. The crew from Tanglewood was on the courts shortly after 6 a.m., drying them with leaf blowers and squeegees in order to tape the much larger tennis courts, ready for pickleball.

Friday's play was men's and ladies doubles competitions in various age groupings with no regard for ability level. Round robin series, with games to 21, were played in all divisions except the ladies' 60-64, which was a double elimination, due to the large number of teams registered in this age bracket.

Strong winds made for many interesting matches as the lightweight whiffle ball often drifted far off course, befuddling both the serving team and the receiving players.

Ladies medalists in the 55-59 age group Gold: Barbara Taylor (Crystal Lake) and Debi Yandell (Tanglewood), Silver: Deb Stafford and Barb Harder (Valencia), Bronze: Sandi March and Ellen Nesbitt (Tanglewood), 60-64 Gold: Susan Price (Harder Hall) and Diane Reynolds (The Villages), Silver: Betty Schleis and Kathy Sponholtz (Tanglewood), Bronze: Marcie Taylor and Jess Anundson (Tanglewood), 65-79

Gold: Donna Landers and Jean Walker (Highlands Ridge), Silver: Michelle King and Gloria Soltes (Tanglewood), Bronze: Gail Brown (The Villages) and Betty Slaveski (Sun n Lake).

The men's medalists in the 50-64 age group, Gold: Mike March and Wayne Buck (Tanglewood), Silver: Randy Crawfis and Gary Sewell (Tanglewood), Bronze: Chris Donaghy and Dave Shaner (Highlands Ridge), 65-69

Gold: John Prentice and Ross Myles (Sebring Village), Silver: Neil Simpson and Tom Stadler (Tanglewood),

Bronze: Ed Stafford and Clark Harder (Valencia), 70-74 Gold: Steve Arlen and Bob Theis (Solavita), Silver: Jerry McDonald and Dave Werry (Tanglewood), Bronze: Gordon King and John Holm (Tanglewood), 75+

Gold: Patrick Hotchkiss and George Vermette (Tanglewood), Silver: Clayton Farrar and Chuck Keller (Tanglewood), Bronze: Bill Phillips and Marvin Strope (Tanglewood).

All medal winners qualified for the state championships in December.