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Senior softball wraps up

The Alan Jay Red Sox won the Highlands County Senior Softball League title by beating Reflections in the memorial playoffs by a score of 12-11.

The playoffs are referred to as "memorial" to honor the league's fallen players. The following members are playing with the Lord now: Lou Gaum, John Grill, Gary Luciani, Bob McKinney, Hank Gomez, Jerry O'Brien, Jim Larnard, Mike Jurma, Ralph Rhoten, Ken Stanek, Ra Cocepcion, Barry Hurlbut, and Bob Flack.

The Red Sox drubbed Fairmount Services 19-9 to advance in the playoffs, but met a worthy opponent in the finals.

Reflections got off to a fast start in the championship game, scoring five runs in the first inning. Led by Ron Rieches, Bill Kelsey, Greg Ramos, and Rick Enfelis, Reflections got key hits at vital points in the game.

But Alan Jay cut into the lead in the third inning, making the score 5-3. Reflections countered in the fifth, going up 7-3.

Not to be outdone, Alan Jay scored six runs in the sixth inning thanks to key hits from Tray Trudell.

Roger Gasperlin, Steve Smutnik, John Buja and triple by Les Osbeck also helped spur Alan Jay's big inning.

With Alan Jay up 12-8 in the final inning, Reflections used a triple from Enfelis to tally three runs and cut the score to 12-11. But Reflections' next batter flew out to left field and the game was over.

Next season begins the first week of January 2015. Anyone interested in playing the 60 and 70 age group should call John Kloet at 471-0405.