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Tanglewood residents celebrate pickleball

The Tanglewood Residents' Appreciation Day Pickleball Tournament was played on Thursday with 28 men and 25 women battling it out. Great temperatures made for comfortable viewing and playing but the new windsock showed just how big a factor the wind played in each match. This tournament used rally point scoring where a point is earned no matter who serves. Usually, a point can only be won by the team that has served. The rally scoring moves the games along at a much faster pace. With excellent coordination of paddle rotation, by Tom Stadler and Betty Schleis, all 53 players were able to compete in five games each. Points scored in each of the five games were tallied to determine the champions.
Two of the ladies, Michele King and Gloria Soltes had perfect scores of 55. On the men's side, John Holmes, Mark Jones and Pat Riess all finished the day with 53 of a possible 55 points. Jones and Soltes defeated Riess and King then downed Holm and Char Bowden. Gloria Soltes emerged as the ladies' champ with Mark Jones capturing the men's honors. Pat Riess and John Holm tied for second in men's play. Michele King earned second place with Char Bowden winding up third in the ladies' competition.