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Titles up for grabs

— The summer has flown by and so has the Sertoma Junior Golf Tour season. There are only three events left on the schedule with most of the age group championships undecided.

“It’s hard to believe it’s almost August,” said Sertoma Junior Golf Tour Director Andy Kesling. “The summer has flown by and the season is winding down.

“We’ve had good attendance at our weekly tournaments and I’ve seen a lot of improvement in all of the kids.”

The boys 16-18 age group has been a tight battle all summer with several players in contention for the prestigious title.

Ben Tubbs leads with 251 points, but Kade Damboise is a close second with 247, Easton Davis is still in the hunt at 222 and Sam Rogers is in fourth place at 198.

“That division has been competitive all summer and it’s going to come down to who plays the best down the stretch,” said Kesling. “There’s a deep pool of talent in that age group and that’s great to see.”

In the girls 14-18 division, Megan Crews is on top with 288 points, Chloe Nelson is in second place with 243, Meghan Griffin is at 238 and Hannah Revell is fourth with 230.

“Megan has a good lead, but with three events left anything can happen,” Kesling said. “Chloe and Meghan are close enough that if they play well they could win the division.”

Coleman Nelson leads the boys 14-15 age group with 275 points, Jay Allen Mack is second with 257, Seth Hamilton has scored 233.5 and Matthew Arnan is at 200.

“Coleman has been playing well and has a slight lead,” Kesling said. “Matthew has won the last three events and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top.”

In the boys 11-13 age group, which is one of the largest and most competitive divisions, Billy Carol leads with 283 points, Beckham Donovan is a close second at 271, Will Redding is third with 249 and Jackson Griffin is at 207.

“Billy and Beckham have been at the top of that age group for most of the season,” Kesling said. “Will has been playing well and lost a couple of playoffs or he would have more points, and Jackson won last week’s event.”

Jack DuPriest has built a large lead in the boys 9-10 division with 300 points, Nolan Rasnake is in second place with 256, Parker Griffin is third with 231.5 and Jaxson Davis has 208.

“Jack has played well this summer and won every event,” said Kesling. “Nolan has shown a lot of improvement and Parker and Jaxson are coming on strong.”

In the boys/girls 6-8 age group, Brody Hall leads with 292 points, Devin Wortinger is second at 264, J.R. Redding is at 246 and Nevaeh Bonecutter and Rebecca Kesling are tied with 217.

“Brody has been consistent all summer,” said Kesling. “If he wins one of the last three events he will be hard to beat. There are 11 kids in that division and that’s the most we’ve ever had which is awesome.”

Alyssa Jordan has the lead in the girls 11-13 age group with 284 points, Ashley Engle is second at 275, Lily Daum is at 240, Samantha Payne is fourth with 204 and Emily Dressel has a total of 68 in only two events.

“That’s going to be a tight race right down to the last round,” said Kesling.

The last three Sertoma Junior Golf Tour events are on Thursday at Highlands Ridge North, at Lake Wales Country Club on Aug. 7 and the two-day Tour Championship at Sun ‘n Lake Golf Club Aug. 15-16.

The Tour Championship is worth 1 1/2 points. A banquet and awards ceremony will take place after the final round of the Tour Championship.

“We’re excited about the last three events with the kids playing three challenging courses,” Kesling said. “We have some really tight races and it’s going to be a lot of fun to see how things come out.

“There is a lot of talent on the Sertoma Junior Golf Tour and it’s wonderful to see these youngsters learning a great game at a young age.”