Letters to the editor

Kudos to Humane Society Here we go again - another bash on the management and the people who run the Humane Society of Highlands County. It seems like it goes in rotation. Every few years someone has to tear down what has been built and go for the jugular. Now it seems that an employee has been fired (for unknown reasons, but I'm sure there will be justification) and everyone lashes back on the best thing that has ever happened to the shelter. There is a group of people running it now that have done the best job in years. They will begin a building soon and there is progress. Kudos to them and their efforts. Please don't blow this up out of proportion and destroy what has been so hard to create. Personally in the 20 years I've been in this county, I've not seen the shelter look better or have happier, healthier pets up for adoption. I know because I adopted one. Please don't destroy this. Shame on anyone who doesn't know the true story.
Sue Clark Lake Placid Royalty is work I have never written a letter to the editor in my 75 years. I feel compelled to respond to the letter from Donald Devine. Mr. Devine erroneously states that Kate Middleton has little worth and never worked a day in her life. This lady is the future queen of England and her role is not an easy one. The pressure on her is enormous and will only increase in time. You state she will never have to work, yet protocol mandates that she appear at certain public functions and present a pleasant decorum and dignity to the public. That is work! The royal monarchy is history in the making, Mr. Devine. Get a clue! You are the one living in a fantasy world. Corinne Clark Sebring