Letters to the editor

Curb excessive water use Regarding the overuse of water for landscaping in Sebring Country Club Estates, does it matter if residents are willing to pay more for the overuse? The fact is that overpumping is a major factor in creating sinkholes because it removes tons of support water. Underground water holds up the layer of limestone which our sandy soil sits on. Where the limestone is thinner, it collapses. The limestone, which comprises remnants of ancient sea creatures, is porous and erodes easily. A few weeks ago when filling a black bucket with well water I noticed that it came out milky white for a while. That is my own direct experience with the erosive nature of this underground limestone crust deep beneath the sand.
Yes, the limestone layer may be somewhat thicker along the ridge of Central Florida, but I have lived in Highlands County long enough to remember watching a small house off U.S. 27 on the opposite side of Sun 'n Lake sink. It sank very slowly over weeks of time, eventually into total non-existence. Since no one died and it happened so slowly it seemed like a non-event at the time. I've since found no record of it on the web. I call upon any suggestions to offer Commissioner Greg Harris, the owner of the Country Club facility, since he has reported he has tried for years to curb the extreme overuse. Roberta Peck Sebring Not about race Where have Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP leadership been? Certainly not engaging communities to help resolve the solution of black, white and Hispanic neighborhoods. In the old Western movies, the communities would hire a sheriff to come to town and clean it up. That's what we need - new leadership that is not racially motivated. This isn't about race; it's about saving the future of young men and women from hopelessness. Education is the key (hire guards for every classroom.) Instill no tolerance of any kind of violence. Martin Luther King led our nation with that beautiful message. What better example could we teach our youth? It worked then and it can work again. These inner-city communities affect every one of us. We're allowing it to happen. Young boys and girls are in fear for their lives walking to the neighborhood school. It's a war zone being ignored. Let all Americans work together to come up with solutions. Pray for our young people and those trapped in hopelessness. Let's get over racial slurs and move on. Sylvia Schmitt Avon Park