Letters to the editor

Politicians need sensitivity training The cartoonist stating in the Highlands Today Sept. 9 that Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck need sensitivity training is way off base. If anyone needs sensitivity training, it's our politicians who say that when three prominent Americans die that no one is held accountable. Or when questioned about why she did not send aid, stated, at this point, "What difference does it make?" Or when pushing to get a bill passed that even an attorney could not understand, "We have to pass it to see what's in it."
And we re-elect these idiots. Or when our chief law enforcement official knowingly sends AK-47s to the drug cartel and our president seals all of the incriminating evidence, and we are expected to accept these things as routine. When someone working for the IRS goes before a Senate subcommittee, pleads the Fifth Amendment, they should be stripped of all benefits and fired. Let you or I try the same thing and we would be jailed. The news media reports that the economy is improving, yet we Americans are hurting every time we go to the grocery store or the gas pumps. When Bush was president, Nancy Pelosi stated the reason gas was so high at $1.75 a gallon was because Bush was in bed with the oil industry. Where is that rhetoric now? Our president, when running for his first term, stated, "I don't like the American flag, because I consider it a war flag." Mr. President, flags don't start wars, as Bobby Darin stated in his protest song; presidents, prime ministers and kings start wars. After taking over the presidency and receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, he has continued all of the other wars, committed our troops to Australia, Africa, and committed thousands more boots on the ground. My belief, after having served in the military, is that we need more prominent Americans to stand up for America, because it is very evident that our leaders are sending us over a cliff on our way to destruction. Ken Krug Sebring Great environmentalist It was with profound sadness that I read about the death of "Willie" Williams. I knew this fine environmentalist for many years and was always happy to interact with him. He was the kind of kindred soul who made you feel special because you chose to be like himself - a protector of the environment and willing to do what was necessary to achieve goals. I knew him as a leader in the Native Plant Society and an expert in setting up and maintaining blue bird trails. The remarkable work he did in that field at the Avon Park Bombing Range was a good example of this man's dedication to a job which could be the envy of others who had similar projects. There was a time when I was helping the Archbold Biological Station collect certain environmental data at a wonderful piece of property off Lake Mirror Drive in Lake Placid, owned by Archbold. Some of the plants found there were so superb that I invited Willie to visit. He did so and barefooted, soaked up the beauty of certain plants, making the kind of enthusiastic comments you would expect from a person who loved the Creator's work. One tree stood out in particular for Willie and he sounded like he just discovered gold! He jumped up and down and said, "That tree! That tree! It's a real special tree! I will have to inform the right people about it and have it placed in the National Registry of Outstanding Specimens!" Well, he did, and it was! The tree, by the way, was a black gum. I'm sure others have similar stories about Willie Williams giving you a better insight into this wonderful environmentalist. I take notice that his remains have been buried in the Fort Kissimmee Cemetery at the Avon Park Air Force Base. In my opinion, a better resting place could not be found, as it will be not too far from his beloved blue bird trail. Hank Kowalski Lake Placid