Letters to the editor

Don't glorify Apple I was appalled while watching the TV news the other night to see all of clueless American standing in line to buy the latest gadgets from Apple. They looked like sheep waiting in line to be sheared. What they should be standing in line for is to protest the loss of American jobs because of Apple's selfish insistence of making their products in China. Apple's greedy CEOs are laughing all the way to the bank as they rake in millions of dollars while Americans lose their jobs. It also angers me that Apple does not pay its fair share of taxes.
Just think of American jobs that could be created here through Apple alone. We could get people off welfare and food stamps, and while we are at it, maybe get some of those outstanding student loans paid off. It angers me that schools prey on na´ve young people to offer expensive courses on non-existing jobs. But at the same time, kids need to investigate if there really are jobs in their chosen fields before they sign on the dotted line. We Americans are still sending too many jobs and money overseas to undeserving countries such as Japan, Korea, Germany and communist China while we wonder why our country continues to lose jobs and our economy worsens. Jerry Nargelovic Sebring Tampa Sun Rays? Our beloved Rays are known by many names: Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Rays, Tampa Bay. I think it's time for a name change. Now that we all know this great state as the Sunshine State and the Rays have a great sunburst logo on the front of their shirts, would it not be appropriate to have them known as the Tampa Sun Rays? I would suggest they remove the stingray logo from their sleeve and just go with the sunburst logo. We have teams known as the Sox, Yankees, Tigers, Cubs and instead of just Tampa Bay, we could have the nation know them as the Sun Rays. Jim Curtis Sebring