Letters to the editor

Touching testimonials I have followed Joyce Minor's journey through her struggle with breast cancer. She has been such an inspiration and I thank her for her openness and for her wonderful Christian testimony. Thank you, Highlands Today, for hiring and supporting such a brave and articulate woman. I am sure she has touched the hearts of a multitude of readers. Michele Roddenberry
Lake Placid Gun rights The Navy Yard shootings were perpetrated by a guy who owned and transported a gun in Washington, D.C., which is against the law there. He then carried it into a military compound, which is against federal law, and proceeded to pick off his innocent and unarmed victims, which is also against the law. What precisely is it that makes the gun banners think that depriving the rest of us of our Second Amendment rights would have kept this murderer from committing any of those crimes? Ronald D. Carmony Sebring Single payer system Isn't it time to take another look at a single payer system for health care? It would get the question of health care costs out of employment and insurance in a single stroke. Employers will no longer be concerned with providing a health care program for employees, that element of cost eliminated from hiring decisions. Premiums to insurance companies and a myriad of duplicate paper work will be gone. Health providers no longer will be required to fight through various forms mandated by insurance carriers. Costs of staffs and big executive salaries no longer will be an added burden to health care costs. The current law, the Affordable Care Act, was crafted to keep employee contracts in force while protecting the health insurance industry; compromises insisted on by the conservatives initially, now objecting to for philosophical reasons. But a single pay cuts all the nonsense away, creating a greater efficiency and cost reduction. Simplicity and savings, who can reasonably object to that? Randy Ludacer Lake Placid