Letters to the editor

Democracy then and now? The members of the Democratic Party have always been unable to think beyond what their "gods," namely Pelosi, Reid and Obama, tell them through Obama's dedicated advertising conglomerate, the so-called "mainstream media." They regularly call conservatives racists, hostage takers, terrorists, etc., piling on vile polemic to incite nothing but hatred and divisiveness among the American people. Then, in their predictable way, they come unglued when their idiotology (John Adams' word) is proven unworkable and downright stupid. In fact, Thomas Jefferson, a proponent of the Democratic Party in its infancy, came to admit true democracy could never work except in a tiny village, if at all.
No matter, here we are today with a Democratic Party so full of hatred and poison they are unable to hold the most basic of discussions without all that despicable, hateful, putrescence oozing from their pores. The mainstream media claims the Republican Party is divided and in total disarray whenever the conservatives debate an issue. The truth is the Republican Party does not kowtow to any "god" or mouthpiece claiming to be "god's interpreter" (Pelosi and Reid). Differing opinions and heated debates are what make a true republic work for the people. They forget the Continental Congress was a raucous free-for-all of opposing ideas debated as gentlemen (mostly); this is how the country was founded. My, how soon we forget. I should say how soon we are told to forget. Democrats have convinced themselves any dissension or contrary opinions to their ideology are racist, terroristic or extortion attempts meriting whatever foul lie or tactic they can dream up. Their way is the only acceptable path as spewed forth by their revered leader for life, Obama. He has repeatedly said he will not negotiate.on anything, ever. Not Obamacare, not immigration, not foreign policy and most certainly not the racist policies of his buddy, Attorney General Holder. Then ,with all the hubris one person could possibly display, he blames Republicans for "holding the country hostage" when any debate is asked for. A true demagogue in any definition of the word. Charles Reynolds Sebring Republican leadership's hypocrisy This past week, pictures of Republicans in Congress showed a cheering group of millionaires and multimillionaires who had just voted to deny 30 million uninsured Americans a chance at affordable health care. In fact, they were so determined that these young people, the seriously ill, children, veterans and the disabled not get insurance that they threatened to shut down the government if they didn't get their way. These same tea party millionaires and multimillionaires all have primo health insurance for which they pay little or nothing. They don't have to worry about going bankrupt if they get a serious illness. They don't have to worry about being denied health care if they have a pre-existing condition. They don't have to worry about preventive health care because they have had and will always have health care for that. They don't have to worry about insuring their children because they can afford to have their children on their health care plan forever. They don't have to worry about not being able to afford their prescription medications because their medicines are free. Tea party congressmen don't have a worry in the world when it comes to health care. They are only worried that the middle class and poor might get help with their medical needs. Instead, conservatives want to shut down the government and implement their own health care plan: Get sick. Die quick. Millie Grime Sebring