Letters to the editor

It is time to take a critical look, however painful, at what we have permitted the United States to drift into. The defenders of democracy have fostered regime change and supported intrusive wars all over the world. The law of unintended consequences, bad judgment, has led to creating disasters by destabilizing evolving democratic movements. Countries and people have learned to distrust us; both for acts of duplicity and abandonment.
We now have zealots intent on destroying anything that gets in their way to secure total control of the government. We used virtuous sounding names as cover "Just Cause," "Urgent Fury," "Iraqi Liberation" and Enduring Freedom." By mission creep and lack of clear objectives, most of our efforts abroad soon became embellished with cadres of agencies, intent on assisting our adversaries into the light, helping them create governmental structures modeled after our own "democracy." And now we display as one of the final lessons of how truly dysfunctional our own "city on a hill" has become, legislators intent on closing the government down, regardless of the potential for great harm. Get re-elected; that's all that matters. Passing legislation at home designed to frustrate the social advances of growing minorities, limiting their opportunities to vote, destroying programs to improve educational opportunities, pricing higher education out of reach, decimating health care for the poor and then loudly disparaging other Western countries who excel in these areas. We have destabilized the East to such an extent that our wars have destroyed the infrastructure of much of the area, rekindled old conflicts to new civil wars, and destroyed the local economy, in addition to killing untold thousand of their citizens and turning millions into refugees. Randy Ludacer Lake Placid