Letters to the editor

The welfare cart Why worry about the future when Obama promises us the rich will be paying for everything and work will always be optional? In most entry level jobs, welfare far exceeds any paycheck after taxes. Why work? If I were a teenager today the last thing I'd want to learn is a trade; teach me how to get disability, food stamps, cash assistance, etc. etc., the practical skills in an "Obama World." My grand-daughter is a 22-year-old single parent on cash assistance and cannot afford to work. Or would lose money if she worked. I tell her to get all she can from the system.
However, the boom times are fast coming to a close when there will be more people riding in the cart than pulling it. The cart stops, everyone climbs in the back and demands their free ride, too. Anarchy, riots and the survival of the well-armed is a very real prospect. The recent mayhem and looting after a 12-hour glitch in EBT welfare payments in several states amply demonstrated what we have coming when the bubble bursts. My grand-daughter called me crying about having no diaper money, no baby formula money, after a short hiccup in the system. Think about a permanent cessation of free money and the chaos that follows. We are sliding to dissolution of this country far faster than Rome ever did. There are those that laugh and call me an alarmist, a conservative stooge, a hostage taker whenever I talk about reeling in spending. I do not want to be proven right, I already know I'm right. You can't keep printing money to pay for past deficits ad-infinitum. The debt will catch your income and kerflooey, it's all gone. Start a vegetable garden and hope a well-armed band doesn't discover your food supply, or better yet, elect a true leader that understands the global and local economy, not a rank amateur community organizer selling moonbeams and feely-goods. Charles Reynolds Sebring