Letters to the editor

Obama and Reid Not even God can get through to Obama and Reid. I in my lifetime have never seen two such stubborn heads. They want it all and they aren't going to budge for anyone. They've been like that since Obama took office in January 2009. No wonder we're in the shape we're in for the last five years. As long as Obama and Reid are running the government, we'll only see things getting worse. They keep blaming the Tea Party and they are trying to do what they were voted in to do: balance the budget, cut spending, etc., but Obama and Reid (plus other Dems) won't even discuss or meet with them. I feel sorry for Boehner. He's got the Tea Party, plus Republicans, plus Obama and Reid. How can Reid get passed laws from the House and not even bring them up for a vote? He just says "no." How can he continue to do that?
Obama is a spoiled brat and stubborn mule. Seems that his lies have gotten him this far. We have to put up with what he says and does for three more years. God help us. Did you ever stop and think what things would be like if Romney was president? We wouldn't be fighting Obamacare. We'd probably have a health care that the people would understand. Life would be a whole lot better. All the restrictions Obama put on small businesses would be gone. We wouldn't have to worry Obamacare spoiling all businesses. So there's a lot to think about. Obama has never been there for the people, just himself. Evelyn Clements Sebring My mother has lived on Lake Denton for almost 15 years. When she was looking to buy her first house we drove all over the place to find the right place. One day as we were coming back to Sebring from Avon Park house hunting, I said, "Hey, let's go see if there is anything on Lake Denton," so we did. We found the house that my mother lives in now abandoned with the roof caved in. It was perfect, minus the work it needed. It's a beautiful area. It's quiet and the lake is clear as can be. She spent a lot of time and hard work to get the house livable and she loves it very much. Now we are thinking this is all going to go down the tubes. With the new section of the parkway being worked on we have realized that the county intends to run this dope highway right across the street from our houses on the lake, destroying what makes this neighborhood so beautiful. They could have run the road back a hundred yards into the orange groves so we don't have to have all this traffic passing by our houses, but no. Where will the runoff from this road go? Will they pollute our lake like they have Lake Jackson with runoff from it? Are they going to connect our road to it so we have all this through traffic, which totally defeats the purpose of buying a house on a dead-end road? I know you can't stand in the way of progress, but come on, use some common sense. Why does this road have to run parallel to ours 10 feet off of it so we have to listen to traffic all day and night? Are they planning on building some kind of barrier? We don't want to stare at that, also. They should be ashamed for what they are doing to this community. Heath T. Kempe Avon Park