Letters to the editor

Lopsided justice system Pity the poor person who does not have friends in high places to influence a judge. It is amazing to see what a local car dealer, a county commissioner, a bank president and a city administrator can do to get a person freed from the legal consequences of his own choices/actions. But, tragically, this is not the first of a kind. Our legal system is the best in the world, but still heavily flawed. It doesn't take a Solomon to see that money is a big factor in "justice" being handed out.
It is very obvious that a person represented by a public defender is at a great disadvantage over one being represented by a "street" lawyer, one who is private and paid. Frank Parker Sebring Washington needs term limits Well, folks, the 535 crooks in Washington have done it to us again, another fabricated disaster, a shutdown government (only 17 percent) and a promise to do it again in January. We have gone through the sequestration, fiscal crises and now shutdown. Can they come up with a new name in January? The graft and corruption in Washington is so vast that the average voter has no idea what is happening. The lobbyists control the money and politicians do as they are told. Don't believe for a minute that your call to your Congressman is going to have any effect on their vote. Those 535 crooks have managed to get lifetime jobs with all the perks because the American voter is either dumb, lazy or one of those on government handouts that are breaking the backs of the working people. The latest poll shows 74 percent of Americans want the government to change; however, the same polls show that during the last election, 91 percent of House members and 90 percent of Senators were re-elected. Dictatorships usually range in the 90 to 95 percent range. The name-calling in Washington borders on a middle school election for class president. Incidentally, while talking about the president, Obama is the most arrogant president I can recall and I have been around for 12 presidents with 17 terms. The man constantly refers to his election mandate. Twenty-three of 50 states is no a mandate. Fifty-one to 49 percent of the popular vote is not a mandate. If half the country doesn't like your policies, I would think he might be a little more humble. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Term limits are the only way to shake up the crowd up there in D.C. How do you get furloughed for 16 days and then get all your back pay? Isn't that like a 16-day paid vacation? Hal Graves Sebring