Letters to the editor

Blowback from ineptness The president's failure to negotiate with his opposition to delay the opening date of his health care plan has come back to bite him. Although the public was practically unanimous against this benefit-cutting and cost-increasing plan, he was intent on pushing it down their throats. Now he has exposed himself and his administration to their high degree of ineptness in not being able to launch the plan.
After all, they had three to four years to get this up and running. To get the people's minds off this monumental fiasco, he is today talking immigration reform. His intransigence on the matter resulted in a shutdown of the government. He was delighted with this as it gave him a chance to really flail his opposition and cause much inconvenience to the public. He is a master at blaming everybody else for his failures. His opposition doesn't really amount to much as it is loaded with "Beltway boobs" who are more concerned with their image and keeping their jobs than the welfare of their constituents. They ridicule their fellow members who are standing up for their constituents by calling them names such as "wacos." Unfortunately, in the end, they bow down and give into the president. Dick Ford Sebring Republicans extinct? There will probably never be a Republican government in the United States. President Obama having been a community organizer, he just got the word out that if you vote for me, you will receive generous gifts in return. With all the handouts he has provided so far, he has convinced all those who have found they don't have to work for a living, just get a check from the government, free health insurance, free food stamps, free cell phones and much more that has not been publicized. He has two more years to do serious damage to our democracy. Whoever replaces this president, all he or she has to do is get the word out that he or she will promise that the gifts will continue. Charles German Sebring