Letters to the editor

A rebuttal Thank you, Marilyn McKay, for the response to my letter. I did not say or imply that those people who showed up in court were paid. I stated that those who are represented by a paid, private lawyer have a great advantage over those represented by a public defender. And this being true, "legal justice" and money have a mix! Who can deny it? Frank Parker
Sebring Abortion's biggest culprits Abortion is first and foremost a man's responsibility because while a man himself never becomes pregnant, it is impossible for a woman to become pregnant without the help of a man. Sex was invented by God himself so the human race and all other sources of life would not vanish from the face of the earth. Under the right circumstances, God made sex as one way of expressing intense love and affection. But there is too much irresponsibility in sex. No real love can exist in a sexual relation that does not take into consideration either an unwanted pregnancy or ending the life of another potential human being. More love can be expressed by a man to a woman by not engaging in a sexual relationship which runs the risk of either an unwanted pregnancy or endangering her reputation in any way. LeRoy Esler Sebring