Letters to the editor

Governor Scott Governor Rick Scott promotes Florida's youth, education and jobs; the president would do well to promote the same. The youth of the world are the world's future. Gov. Scott spoke of his youth as a newspaper boy of seven years of age. I also sold two newspapers at that early age - the Portsmouth Times and the Grit. He also spoke of being a Boy Scout. I was also a Boy Scout. But the most important thing he is doing as governor is he is not selling out the youth of the nation to the insurance corporations. The youth of our nation do not need their hands tied behind their backs when they enter the workforce. The Democrats who promote Obama on health care for the nation are assuming a win for future years to go to the Republican Party. As an 84-year-old, I have never seen such bad representation of the American people. The Supreme Commandant and his Son are watching, and so are the American people. Our pledge to the American flag says it all. Our nation's currency says it best, "In God We Trust." Keep up you good work, Scott, and come back.
Billie E. Jewett Sebring Who voted for Obama? As we finished our golf round at Highland Springs, my golfing friend, while discussing the condition of the U.S.A., said, "Who voted for this guy? I can't find anyone who voted for him. How did he get elected to two terms?" I told my friend that I know of several people who voted for him, but would not do it again. I am reminded that on Oct. 2, 2007, Harry Reid used taxpayers' dollars and his position as majority leader of the Senate to go after a private citizen's job, Rush Limbaugh, with a lie. He had 40 Senators sign this letter to Rush's boss. Some of the first signers were Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama, Patty Murray, Bill Nelson, Robert Byrd, Carl Levin and Barbara Boxer. These are the people, along with like-thinkers, that got us where we are today: $16 trillion in debt, non-affordable health care, Obama endorsing same-sex marriage, pushing for amnesty for 12 million people who broke the law, endorsing infanticide through abortion, our foreign policy in shambles and enemies laughing at this man in the White House who speaks with a forked tongue, bypassing Congress with executive orders. These are the people who elected a communist dictator to the White House. Time for a change. Marvin "Bud" Kammerman Sebring Personal attacks Regarding online comments by posters: I understand that we all have opinions. I am as controversial as the next gal. If I say something a little on the wicked (or totally wrong) side, I have been known to apologize for my ignorance of a subject when someone corrects me. Political subjects are very controversial and we should all agree to disagree because we are all supposed to have a say and should all be able to express our opinion without having to worry about attacks of a vicious and personal nature. At least I thought so until someone known for his very nasty comments took it to an unnecessary level and insulted me to a degree that is way beyond what should be common courtesy on a comment site. I am asking very nicely that we all please keep it very general and refrain from personal attacks on people's family, religion, looks, education or anything else that is personal and act like the adults we are supposed to be. Deborah Steward Lake Placid