Letters to the editor

A rebuttal Zealots are not good neighbors, especially Republican ones, according to Mr. Morgan's recent back porch survey of outrageous acts by some of his Republican neighbors. He supports this treatise by indicating that we have more Republicans than Democrats in our community ( which I seriously doubt) as for much of Florida. Florida, for Mr. Morgan's information, was 41 percent Democratic and 36 percent Republican in 2012. Mr. Morgan goes on, based on his experiences, to describe some of his Republican neighbors as zealots, selfish ideologues (fanatically holding to only one way of thinking), racists and generally rude people.
He does hold out the possibility that there could be other communities where Democrats could be the rude and narrow minded ones. This would make it possible that Mr. Morgan could find a better place to live. I certainly could provide him with many references from Southern Palm Beach and Broward Counties. I find it difficult to understand how the terms like zealot and racist can be used to describe some people while calling upon our leaders and fellow citizens to cease their hateful rhetoric. As a Veteran's Day observance Mr. Morgan stated , "no one knows the real reason that men and women fight for this country but I believe it was not for the cause of hateful name calling or sophomoric ideological extremism." As a veteran, I can tell you that we know the reason. It's called "patriotism." Unfortunately, the word "patriot" is being considered something close to a religious zealot by the liberal left. It's the one thing veterans all have in common whether Democrat, Republican, white, black, Hispanic, male or female. God Bless America! John Booth Avon Park Keep Christ in Christmas Let me see if I've got this straight. The Avon Park city council, in its infinite wisdom, decided to ban all religious decorations from the town's celebration of Christmas, the second most sacred holiday in the country after Easter. At last count, 86 percent of U.S. citizens claimed Christianity, so why did the council feel compelled to side with a few vocal naysayers? Who elects these folks? How do they get put in such positions of power? Banning Christmas decorations from the celebration of Christmas is like banning pumpkins from Halloween. What's next, banning pictures of Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 20, MLK Day? Thankfully, the mayor trumped the council's ace and saved the town a lot of embarrassment, but how did this happen in the first place? Ronald D Carmony Sebring