Letters to the editor

Ramming a law through Do you see what Nancy Pelosi caused? This mess we're in now is caused by passing laws without reading them. If this law had been read before voting on it, believe me, it never would have been passed. Pelosi was so anxious to get it passed for Obama. He was cracking the whip over them and the Democrats working on this train wreck. So a law should be made that no bill can be voted on without first reading it and that they will have to live by it, too. Why should we have to live by their rules and not them? Nancy Pelosi has caused this mess. She should be fired. Evelyn Clements
Sebring Remembering JFK November 1963, the golden sun setting, my kindergarten class ready for dismissal. The speaker says, "The president has been shot and is dead." Opening the door, I saw every teacher standing by her door shocked. My husband and I had arranged for the baby-sitter to take care of our daughter; we wanted to do Christmas shopping at a new enclosed mall. As we entered, no music was playing, and in a matter of hours, each store had transformed a window to a solemn picture in remembrance of JFK. A somber mood unfolded, we came home. The next days showed a very young boy saluting as the flag-draped casket of his father passed on Constitution Avenue. One thousand days prior to this, my husband, 7-year-old daughter and I had walked down this avenue. My brother had offered his apartment if we wanted to go to the inauguration - we thought it would be a great experience for our daughter. We were new out of New York to D.C. Early next day, we explored the area. The Capitol was empty except for some TV crews laying cables around. Later it began to snow. By 7:30, all public transportation had been closed. We sat waiting. We flagged a New York car and he took us to the apartment. Next day bright and sunny, we waded through snow to get to Constitution Avenue - not a drop of snow from the night before. We walked along the presidential motorcade, found a spot not more than 500 feet away from the staging area so Mary Jane could see. We heard JFK become president, heard his famous words, "Ask not," and came home with great memories. Mary Jane remembered it and how cold she was. We had no tickets, no reservations, no security questions for an unforgettable time of our life. Now as I sit here, I smile at the good memories, but I am sad thinking of the time our country mourned a young president. It's hard to believe 50 years have passed. Jane McDonough Avon Park