Letters to the editor

Conservatives don't fear change

I read Mr. McAllister's letter entitled "Conservatives fear change." At first, he does not identify who or what he means by "conservatives," but as you read on you come to the realization he is referring to Republicans.

I have found in my 90-plus years of living there are two kinds of change. One is change for the better and the other is change for the worst.

He complains that the "GOP" is doing nothing to improve health care in this country. This is understandable, as the Democrats have controlled the Congress since President Bush's last term in office.

I surmise that Mr. McAllister is comfortable with the changes that are now occurring in our country. As for myself, I am not.

I could care less about "gays" and their lifestyle. When it comes to "health care and employment" I worry. This program known as "Obamacare" is disrupting the lives of millions of citizens. Citizens are being told by the government what kind of care they will have to pay for, even if they don't want it. As an elderly woman friend of mine said, "Why do I have to sign up and pay for 'abortion coverage' when I am 80-plus years of age? Somebody is really nuts."

This present government is not trying to improve the economy; millions of people can't find jobs. It is news to me that Conservatives want to end Social Security, Medicare and employer pensions. Why didn't they do this when they had the upper hand in Congress?

I got my Social Security card in 1935. President Roosevelt said the money you pay into Social Security would go into a "trust fund" and when you quit working, the payout would help with what you had saved.

When the President Johnson administration saw all this money accumulating, the Democratic Congress closed the "trust fund" and appropriated the money for its own use. Johnson even put people on Social Security who never paid a dime into it.

No, Mr. McAllister, conservatives don't fear change, but they do want beneficial changes.

Dick Ford


Demonizing president

Dear Mr. Carmony, I disagree with your assessment of all left-wingers. I do not think all of those things you believe I do. However, in reference to Fox News, it deserves every dig it gets. Fox says it reports "fair and balanced."

President Obama or his administration have not built any gas stations anywhere in the world or subsidized gas prices to any particular gas station. As far as Benghazi, NSA and IRS scandals, they have all been smoke screens in order to demonize this president.

Similar incidents have occurred in every other administrations and that's all they are, incidents. Fox was just waiting until the real news broke, which is "The War On Christmas."

Noah Stump

Lake Placid