Letters to the editor

Inattentive, inconsiderate drivers

I was glad to read in the Dec. 13 issue of Highlands Today that Sebring police were giving out citations for motorists who ignore pedestrians in crosswalks. I wish they would do the same thing at the intersection of Sebring Parkway and U.S. 27.

I enjoy walking and bicycling every day for my health and as a way to save oil for the next generations coming up. I legally use the crosswalk at U.S. 27 and the Parkway on a daily basis and almost get run over by careless motorists on a daily basis.

It amazes me that motorists are so completely ignorant of the law that requires cars to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. These people consistently run red lights and never, ever bother to look for pedestrians in the crosswalk.

I imagine these same people could possibly be like the spineless cowards who do the hit-and-runs that we see virtually every day in the news. I've actually had to yell at these clueless idiots while I am in the crosswalk to try and get their attention because they are not watching what they are doing.

I only ride along U.S. 27 in the bicycle lane with the bicycle when I go to work. Otherwise, I stick to the back roads because in this town, it has become too dangerous for bicycling because of careless and inattentive drivers.

And yes, pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles all have the same right to the road as cars do. Yes, I've seen the bicyclists who ride on the wrong side of the road facing traffic; this makes me angry, too. Bicyclists are supposed to ride on the far right side of the road in the same direction traffic is going. Sidewalks are for pedestrians.

You know, one day the road will run out of oil, which might come sooner than you think. I wonder how the couch potatoes who can't do without their cars will get around. Electric cars are far from being the solution.

Jerry Nargelovic


Marines being discriminated

The United States Marines is the first to fight, last in line for military disability benefits - if at all.

America has always had rivalry within all branches of service. The military has tried to do away with the Marine Corps after every war. The last time was 1947. The general I served under in China, General Thomas, was a man who rose from private to general, and he had quite a political punch.

He traveled around the world with the president's son, Jimmy Roosevelt, who himself was part of Carson's Raiders in the war in the Pacific and Burma.

Being last in line for up-to-date equipment in all wars made all Marines feel like a red-headed step child. President Harry Truman, an Army officer in WWI, hated the Marine Corps with a passion. After calling up the inactive Marine Reserve (an illegal act, as the Korean War was only a police action, and leaving the active reserve at home) he made this statement: "The Marine Corps has a bigger propaganda machine than the Soviet Union. Maybe that is why the letters 'USMC' stand for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children."

Being left behind in disabled benefits for the Marine Corps has to change. There are no second class military disabled veterans in America. Those profiting at the expense of our disabled veterans must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of our laws. Also, our first to fight must be given the most up-to-date weapons, not hand-me-downs.

Billie E. Jewett