Letters to the editor

Speeding on Memorial Drive

Another serious accident occurred at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Sunset Drive this past Friday evening.

One car was broadsided by another to the extent that the passenger side of the struck car was crushed almost halfway into the center of the car. Had there been someone in the passenger seat, they would have sustained serious, if not fatal, injuries. Fortunately, there was only a driver and a properly secured baby aboard.

This section of Memorial Drive is assigned a 45 mph speed limit, the same as Sebring Parkway.

However, Sebring Parkway is a four-lane road, divided along much of its length. Memorial, on the other hand, is a narrow two-lane road where it crosses Sunset, which is protected with only a stop sign.

Furthermore, there is a blind corner just a few hundred yards from the intersection with Sunset. As a result, drivers on Sunset trying to enter or cross Memorial face a difficult challenge, and because of the relatively high speed allowed there, pay a heavy price for their mistakes, as has happened twice now within the year.

There are probably several things that can be done to improve the safety of that intersection. But one that can be implemented quickly is to reduce Memorial Drive's speed limit there to a more appropriate 35 mph, same as it is along other portions of Memorial Drive.

This is the second letter to the editor that I have written on this subject. If the city fathers are serious about reducing severe traffic accidents in the area, here is a simple step that cries for implementation.

Harvey Utech


Obamacare not to blame

The article by Debra Saunders (Obamacare prescription: Highlands Today, Dec. 14) holds Obamacare responsible for the fact that a California health insurance company is not allowing a woman to see a specialist.

It is the insurance company that created the EPO (exclusive provider organization). It has little to do with Obamacare and was done by the insurance company to enhance its profits.

Under Obamacare the woman in California has the opportunity to select a plan which would allow her to see her specialist. Let us not hide behind Obamacare, when the culprit is the insurance company.

In fact, let's work to improve Obamacare by expanding it to a one payer system for all.

Alan J. Kromholz