Letters to the editor

An abomination

Recently, The Monitor newspaper of McAllen, Texas, reported through the AP and picked up by The Tampa Tribune that the U.S. Border Patrol has started providing 100 EMTs to assist immigrants in their effort to enter into the United States illegally through the Rio Grande sector.

Are you kidding me? This so-called humanitarian gesture only enables those attempting to enter, while providing a false hope of safe passage.

Perhaps we should also build Subway restaurants, Taco Bell restaurants and comfort stations to assist these violators .

What we need are helicopter gunships, drones, and to recall our soldiers from Afghanistan, Germany, Japan, Korea and other remote nations, and put them along the border to prevent this invasion.

During the past 15 years 5,551,757 Mexicans have legally entered the U.S. through the Green Card lottery system, and like the Florida lottery there are winners and losers.

It's estimated that each illegal living in the U.S. has a $1,117 fiscal impact on every U. S. citizen.

So I ask The Monitor what the marine colonel in full metal jacket asked Sgt. Joker? "Whose side are you on? Don't you love your country? How about getting with the program and join the team."

Jerry Wright

Avon Park

Opposite intent?

Phil Robertson doesn't demand anything other than his right to speak his mind and inform people of his interpretation of the Bible, like him or not.

He was asked questions in an interview with GQ magazine (Why on earth was Phil interviewed by GQ magazine?) He answered according to his beliefs. A&E, however, wants to punish him to show another segment of the population (gays) that they are on their side and therefore an advocate of a minority segment of our society.

Personally, I couldn't care less what happens behind closed doors, but A&E and the gay alliances they seem to obey, have thrown those doors wide open and set any progress in the acceptance of homosexual behavior back 50 years.

The backlash was immediate and strident, which begs the question: Did the A&E network intentionally create this firestorm to shut down the gay community's progress? Is there an ulterior motive to their actions? Perhaps homophobia in the highest levels of Disney? (50 percent owner of A&E; Hearst owns the other 50 percent).

Unless the hierarchy at Disney/Hearst is a bunch of clueless knee-jerk morons, (which of course they aren't)the only other possible answer is they got what they wanted, a stop to all progress in the advancement of gay rights in America. Phil won, praise Jesus, or whoever.

Charles Reynolds