Letters to the editor

Illusions rampant in politics

Love and politics both are often illusions. In love and politics, we can be attracted or repelled when presented with various images of someone not yet fully known to us.

Millions of dollars are spent enhancing a presidential candidate's image so that the candidate can accumulate enough votes to become president. At the same time money is spent expanding opposing candidates' negative images.

Developing intellectually close relationships require complete honesty, in-depth self knowledge, adequately expressing one's self, and long-term patience. These traits are rarely found in our society and especially in political candidates.

LeRoy Esler


Unneighborly act

Although I no longer live in Sebring I do keep up with the news from there and with my friends and family.

A couple who I love there are heartbroken right now over the loss of their precious cat. Like many cats, Juliet was one that loved to wander. She had not been spayed because she was sterile and had never given birth. A very sweet feline that was dearly loved. All the neighbors knew whose pet she was and there was never a complaint about her.

Jaquae and Roger Sands spent ten days looking for their beloved pet and asking neighbors if they had seen her.

Finally, one neighbor admitted that he and his wife had contacted animal control and had a cat trap set up. She was caught in it and then was put to sleep. These neighbors not only knew who Juliet belonged to but kept it a secret while the devastated owners looked for her. What a cruel thing to do! This was not a stray cat that was not being cared for. It was a beloved pet and the neighbors that called animal control knew it.

For Jaquae and Roger, my condolences over the loss of their beloved pet. To the neighbors that lack compassion for others and did this deed, may Santa fill your stockings with cat litter.

Diane Thibodeau

Dandridge, Tenn.