Letters to the editor

Not cut and dried

The academic evaluation of both individual students and schools is to be commended.

However, in lower socioeconomic areas we need to be cautions, lest in subtle ways to raise the grade of the whole school, we encourage low-achieving students to drop out of school.

I don't profess to be an authority, but in my 28 years of teaching, from the fourth grade through college seniors, I have observed interesting situations when low-achieving students have turned around to become high achievers.

In my opinion, if all the administrators and teachers from an "A" school were transferred to a "C" school or vice versa, the school grades would not likely change significantly.

Jim Rahenkamp

Avon Park

Where are the recycling bins?

As a cautious citizen interested in leaving a cleaner environment for the next generation, it disappointed me to learn that the recycle bins were removed from the Sweetbay parking lot.

It further shocked me when I went to use the bins behind Lakeshore Mall. The bins there were full to overflowing and there was loose material left outside the bins.

Come on, City of Sebring, you can do better than that. Recycling should be encouraged - that's a fact - but surely someone is responsible for ensuring that we have empty bins for our use.

Fran Cormier


Editor's Note: The Highlands County Recycling Office has relocated the recycling bins in the Desoto Square Shopping Center where Sweetbay is located, to the parking lot behind the Bert J. Harris Jr. Agricultural Center on George Boulevard.