Letters to the editor

Perpetuating a cliche

Gary Pinnell's article about seniors driving at half speed with their turn signals on is such an old cliche.

How about the guy in the pickup truck with the oversized tires weaving in and out of traffic and tailgating anyone going the speed limit, or the "cool dude" with his stereo turned up so loud it rocks the cars at the red lights, or the loaded citrus trucks who terrorize other drivers when they can't stop for red lights?

Yes, I know the younger Sebring residents would rather we just stay up north and mail our money down here so we won't inconvenience them. But ask the restaurant owners who serve us every day and the store owners at the mall who love to see us coming, and the golf courses where most of the heads are white. Yes, we play golf and ride bikes and dine out and go the movies just like "real" people.

I don't know when Mr. Pinnell will join the senior ranks but if he doesn't want to be ridiculed just for growing old he had better teach his children to respect their elders, so when he is old enough for Social Security they will respect him.

Sondra Kale


Don't legalize fireworks

In response to "Douse Florida fireworks bill," effective Jan. 1, 2012, fireworks became legal in the state of Michigan much the same as being proposed by the Florida Legislature.

The much ballyhooed legislation would stop Michiganders from fleeing the state in droves into border states to purchase their holiday arsenal, while providing an estimated $8 to $40 million for the state treasury. Well, folks, after a six percent fireworks safety fee and six percent state sales tax, the grand total was a paltry $2 million!

During the first summer, the inferno burned roofs, garages and grass fires across the state while completely destroying St. Mary Magdalene Church resulting in a $1.7 million loss.

With all of the public outcry due to loss of sleep, property damage and a constant cacophony of noise, the nincompoops in the Michigan Legislature tried to put the genie back into the bottle by allowing local municipalities the right to pass their own ordinance to regulate within their limits, but a better approach would have been to say "no" when the vote was called in Lansing. Perhaps Florida legislators in Tallahassee could learn from the mistake made in Michigan.

Jerry Wright

Avon Park