Letters to the editor

Country of immigrants

The immigration problem can be solved, however, not by the two political parties whose only apparent goal is how many votes they can get from the Hispanic population.

They are only worried about their next election.

Here is the immigration problem in a nutshell: There are approximately 12 million illegal people here. It is physically impossible to deport 12 million people. Many of the parents have children born in the United States which automatically makes them American citizens, and you try to separate the parents from their children and you would have enough lawsuits to keep courts busy into next century.

Both political parties should accept the "fait accompli," and get on with the only logical thing to do.

Have employers put these workers on the payroll, have them pay taxes, get Social Security numbers, pay the normal expenses for their children to attend public school and get some type of health insurance to cover trips to the emergency rooms, which, up to now, has been pretty much a free ride at the expense of those of us with insurance.

Forget the word amnesty. Forget the fact they walked across a line and are illegal, and forget saying they should pay some sort of fine.

Most of these people are doing the jobs no American wants or will do, so they are not taking a job from anyone. With the smallest exception they are law-abiding people. They should be required to study English, and the younger men and women who want to get citizenship in a shorter time could join the military.

The bottom line is the hotel maid, the server in the fast food restaurant, the guy picking oranges and the guy who is probably cutting your grass, can lift his head up, smile and feel good about him/herself and the rest of us can get on with life.

After all, this is a country of immigrants.

Hal Graves


Church and state separation

May I suggest Mr. Dent revisit his history books. Our forefathers came here for religious freedom. They decided the state shall not run the church and the church will not run the state. It does not matter how long or how many places this takes place. The law is the law. How can the police chief enforce our laws when he is breaking them by taking part?

If the Rotary Club and other volunteers want to collect money on private property, I have no problem with that.

The Salvation Army is a private enterprise and should not be allowed the use of public property.

Society cannot choose which laws to obey. Is there any difference between a bank robber who robs so his family can eat or a robber who robs to buy a diamond ring? Robbery is illegal.

The town council should ban this because it is the law.

Cliff McDonald

Lake Placid