Letters to the editor

Political ads

When I saw Alex Sink's ad with her father I thought "Great, maybe we are finally going to have some positive advertising for politicians." Then I saw the slam by the Republican Party on that ad. And the Democrats joined in with their slam against Jolly.

Come on, people. Tell me what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, then do it. I will vote for the one that does.

Judith Correll

Lake Placid

Myths and misconceptions

1. Debt ceiling. Really, they don't care! 2. Tax breaks for the rich. I was lucky enough one year to be in the highest bracket and I couldn't deduct anything. That year alone, I paid $76,000 to the good ole government in taxes. What I paid that year in taxes was more than most people made. 3. Man-made global warming...big hoax! When the ice age went away there were no humans, factories, evil coal mines or SUV's to kill the polar bears. Rather it was Mother Nature through an act of God. 4. Gun control. If guns kill people then pencils misspell words. 5. The Affordable Care Act. Use the dictionary, Obama, to see the definition of affordable and, by the way, I need care for my sore throat from this act of socialism being crammed down it.

6. Democratic Party. It's the Democrat Party. There is nothing democratic about them.

7. Pro-choice. I used to be pro-life but I have since switched to pro-choice. I learned that 90 percent of abortions are done by liberals to future liberals. They are killing their own so now I'm with them.

And finally, 8. the Constitution. This is what we used to live and be governed by! It worked well until this administration decided that was an obstacle in their mad march to Marxism and it has to be ignored in order for "him" to achieve his hope to change America to a fourth-world power! I wouldn't be surprised if "he" anoints himself president forever. Mr. President, save a brown shirt for me, size medium. Please God, help us!

Dave Doty

Lake Placid

Little to offer

Michael Barone is most know for "The Almanac of American Politics." Despite his supposed expertise, he is often biased and flatly wrong.

In 2012, he predicted that Mitt Romney would defeat Barack Obama with an electoral college vote of 315 to 223. The actual EC vote was Obama 332, Romney 206. Barone predicted that Obama would get about 40 percent of the electoral vote, but he wound up with almost 62 percent.

Barone is associated with the American Enterprise Institute, which strongly favors free trade. He also takes a very optimistic view of immigration. One of his books is "How the Melting Pot Can Work Again." Although not a religious believer, Barone claims to respect conservative Christians. Liberal Christians apparently don't count.

In his column of July 10, Leonard Pitts puts his own thoughts in the mouth of God. Religion is missing God, we are told. Maybe Pitts think that all religious people do is make God a mouthpiece for their own thoughts. If so, he is badly misinformed.

Steve Chapman told us ("The Folly of Attacking Iran," 2010) that Israel wants war with Iran. It doesn't occur to Chapman that Israel wants to survive. In another column ("False Fears About a Nuclear Iran," 2012) he claimed that the notion that Iran would use nuclear weapons is a "false fear." Also, ("The Arms Race that Won't Happen, Iran and the Phony Proliferation Scare," 2012) those trying to stop Iran from going nuclear are acting from fear. He argues ("The Point of Negotiating with Iran," October 2013) that Iran is not as bad as Nazi Germany. Does Steve Chapman have some function besides being an apologist for Iran?

Last July I pointed out that Chapman has been called a celebrity atheist. Highlands County has a lot of churches and a lot of religious conservatives. Yet columnist after columnist in our newspaper is surprisingly hostile toward religion and has little to offer besides.

Dale L. Gillis