Letters to the editor

Super Bowl blues

Super Bowl XLVIII. Worst game. Worst halftime show. Worst commercials.

Thank goodness I could switch to "Downtown Abbey."

Al Pasinella


Bad leadership

We still have the same so-called leader. He still has me troubled. He's going to use his pen and his phone. Hasn't it been proved he has no intention on working with the Republicans? He's made it clear that if the Republicans put a bill on his desk he would veto it. If Romney was president, Harry Reid would never get away with what he's been doing (sitting on bills from the House.) Hopefully the Republicans can take the Senate in November. Then what will Harry Reid do?

Obama is nothing but a spoiled rotten brat. If he doesn't get his way he'll go around Congress. I'm 91 years old and I've seen them come and go, but this one is the most hateful. I had him pegged in '08 - his snotty attitude like "I'm better than you," and he's determined to make our great country into socialism. If he took all the rules and regulations off small businesses plus get rid of Obamacare, you'd see how quick things would start to pick up. Not his way. I wouldn't face millions of people and lie to them, and he knows he's doing it. Some people think he's likeable. I don't see it.

Our country needs someone who really has our interests at heart, not a liar.

Evelyn Clements


Inhumane death?

So the macabre adult children of convicted Ohio killer Dennis McGuire who elected to witness the execution of their father thought that it amounted to torture saying, "Nobody deserves to go through that." Perhaps they would have preferred a more humane and antiseptic way of execution such as having his carotid artery and jugular vein slit while being left to bleed out, like their murderous father did to the pregnant Mrs. Joy Stewart.

Jerry Wright

Avon Park