Letters to the editor

Lame duck

Those of us with a work ethic are dumbstruck with Obama's stated ideology of making the rich support the poor with no accountability nor any plan to get the poor into the mainstream job market. That would be slavery, cries the left. The rich must give the poor more money.

The bipartisan Congressional Accounting Office has flatly stated "Obamacare will cost 2.5 million to 3 million jobs. Who is going to pay for this? Future generations, obviously.

I support higher taxes on millionaires. Heck, I think no person in the U.S. should be allowed to make more than $1 million a year, period. The rest of their earnings would go to their employees, you know, the ones doing all the work. If there aren't enough employees, the residual money goes to food stamps and tuition-free vocational programs for those in true need (day-care for single mothers and single fathers, programs for the disabled, etc.).

You must make it palatable to those successful individuals giving away their money or they will buy a battery of lawyers and accountants to buy legislators or ship their money out of the country in a hurry.

If a person is required to give a large sum away (over their $1 million limit) they would get a permanent monument acknowledging their contribution to the betterment of their fellow man. They are true heroes and should be honored as such. Obama calls them "Enemies of the State" and spends their money by fiat solely to gain votes with no plan to help the poor advance or join the job market.

Obama is a true thief, he is stealing the hopes and dreams of a generation of young people with no concern whatsoever for their future. They have served their purpose (voting for his lies) and are now excess baggage. Looking for a new job? Take a quickie course in offshore banking, the stampede has begun.

We must lame this duck in the next election.

Charles Reynolds


Double standard

When President Obama was fairly elected by a large margin in 2008 and again in 2009, Republicans vowed they would not pass any bill that he proposed (essentially nullifying the elections). In order to get anything accomplished, the president has had to use executive orders to have some small progress, especially when it comes to the minimum wage.

The use of executive order is provided for in the Constitution. President Roosevelt used it to allow African Americans to work in defense plants. Abraham Lincoln used it to enact the Emancipation Proclamation and Harry Truman used it to integrate the Armed Forces. Ronald Reagan, Republican "god," used executive orders 223 times, H.W. Bush used it 166 times and W used it 174 times. How dictatorial, how imperial! President Obama has only used executive orders 147 times, the least in 150 years.

The racist Obama Derangement Machine is in full swing about executive orders. It was wonderful for Reagan, H.W. and W to use them. But when it comes to a black president, it's an impeachable offense.

Millie Grime


Election choices

In response to Alan Kromholz's letter: Yes, you are correct, we don't trust this president. We already know he is a liar (you can keep your doctor). We already know that he won't enforce the immigration laws that are on the books now. We know that he has changed his own law (Obamacare) 16 - count 'em - 16 times. And yet when things don't go "your way" you call us racists. Playing the race card is getting pretty old, don't you think?

All I want is when I go to the polls to vote, I would like the people around me to be citizens of this country, unlike you. In November, I will say no to you and yes to people that will support legal immigration and help keep the illegals out.

Terry Collins