Letters to the editor

Affordable Care Act

Recently, a Patrick Hotchkiss stated his "facts" concerning the Affordable Care Act. These "facts" were more right-wing spin and talking points than truth. So, here are some real health care facts.

True there will be a small fine if after March 31 if you choose not to be covered. Congress slashed $150 million from the IRS budget to stop Obamacare, so no information agents will be hired or trained. Sadly, if you need help with a tax problem, plan on a hour phone wait. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants will fill in or assist doctors with increased patient load. Many universities are starting or expanding physician education programs to cover future doctor shortages. President Obama, formerly a Marlboro Red man, has managed to kick the habit. Most benefits of the Affordable Care Act are occurring right now with the new policies. Seniors on Medicare can get preventive care, annual physical, without charge. In addition, Medicare D subscribers will see that "donut hole" continue to shrink till 2020 when it disappears entirely. Social Security and Medicare are healthy and will not go broke in the near future. Social Security can be adjusted (lower payouts, or raise age) if the fund was threatened. Medicare A is solid, B to at least 2025. The national debt has gone down $70 billion since October.

Mr. Hotchkiss is right about our surgeon general needing to shed a few pounds. And former treasury sectary Tim Geither did screw up and not pay $34,000 in taxes. He has since paid, including penalties and fines. I'm not a fan of "Obamacare." I believe a single-payer system (Medicare) is the correct choice for all Americans. And yes, Patrick, I'm willing to pay more in taxes to make it happen. Americans are worth it!

Al Podgorski


Proud conservative

Mr. Noah Stump, I have not forgotten you. Yes, the Republicans went to the White House and one Republican wanted to say something and Obama shut him up and said, "I'm the president." Now do you think that was wise? I saw it on TV. He shut the Republicans that way, so it proves that Obama will not work with us.

As far as the young Congressman is concerned, Obama lied. He's been a liar since '08 - can't tell the truth.

I know about presidents, thank you. As I said, I'm 91 years old. So don't question me on things you know nothing about.

I have Democratic friends and you can't tell them anything. If you would watch Fox, you'll find out a lot of what is going on. They have Democrats on. I think you people are afraid of the truth - that's why you say I have a short memory. I get my news from Fox. They are truthful.

I'm proud I'm on the right side. If we stay the course, we'll be a third-world country. You like the way he keeps changing Obamacare 28 times? He's got too many things against him. Be glad when he's gone.

Evelyn Clements