Letters to the editor

Positive words turn negative

How important is a word? Can a civilization that uses English afford to lose part of its language, no matter how many words it has?

It must be rewarding to the person who had the sophomoric idea to steal a word and watch it become popularized in a civilization too undisciplined to establish a new word for an unpopular subject.

The word is "gay," once a descriptive term. Now it has become an undignified description of a human condition.

How important is a word, that once was used to describe a rare euphoric feeling? That, after being ripped out of Webster's dictionary, only to be put back with an inferior and unintelligent description of a human, no longer a state of mind.

Is the term never to be replaced? You could use the words happy, thrilled, euphoric, free and unencumbered, but why, when using one three-letter word says it all?

The next term stolen from English had only one meaning and no more; the Biblical term used to define the natural union between males and females required to procreate its success on earth, designed to overcome the dying of natural old age or in war, genocide, democide, mass starvation, abortion and pandemics.

In case someone uses the word "overpopulation," the counter-phrase would be "mass starvation," as in North Korea and Africa.

How important is the word "marriage?" How ignorant is it to describe it as gay when there is no way to produce offspring with people of the same gender? After all, children are the purpose of marriage.

In a conversation with a stranger, I want to use the term only and not have to explain that the love of my life is of the opposite gender and we have four sons biologically.

The use of "marriage" shortens my conversation, which is more convenient and does not require the reminder that sodomy was once against the law in our land.

I miss the word gay. I miss the word marriage, both of which were stolen and now, worst of all, are used together on TV and in print, which is stupid!

James Hutten

Lake Placid

Stand Your Ground should stay

It is insane for anyone to want to repeal the Stand Your Ground Law. If you do, then you are sending a message to all the folks who are being mugged, robbed or raped to "just take it."

If you take any aggressive action resulting in injury or death of the perpetrator, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the progressive, liberal justice laws of the land.

Jim Vokes

Caledonia, NY