Agri Leader

Ag career outlook seems promising

Central Florida's Agri-LeaderWhile some demand in areas of professional endeavor wax and wane depending on technology and culture in general, some careers are always in demand. There will always be a need for health care workers, grocery stores and funeral directors. And there will always be jobs in agriculture. These days the ag career market is looking good. Young people need to take a long, hard look at careers in agriculture. Opportunities abound, but this isnít just about knowing how to operate a tractor. All kinds of jobs are out there in science and technology that will be key in future years. Management, environment, conservation and even biostatisticians are in demand, as well as many more. This means that young people looking for a rewarding career path have a lot of different avenues to explore and consider, but it requires lots of work. Many of the new ag careers require degrees at the bachelor level and many require graduate degrees. Itís great to see an industry with so much promise. Itís even better to see more opportunities opening up for smart, young people who can move agriculture into the future. Their success will determine how the entire industry goes.
The good news is that quality young people are pursuing careers in agriculture. Not just because thereís good money to be made, but because itís important work and so many skill sets can plug into the industries needs. Weíre happy that ag careers are doing well, especially compared to most other career choices. It bodes well for the industry and for consumers.