Agri Leader

‘Fresh from Florida’ ad campaign is a rousing success

Central Florida's Agri-LeaderIt pays to advertise and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is finding that out with a new ad campaign that was recently launched. Itís a success and gives a good indication on how to promote Floridaís many great agriculture products. The stateís Fresh from Florida campaign launched 30-second commercials aimed at a specific demographic of women showing what fresh produce, fruit and meat is coming out of the state and how to quickly prepare a tasty meal using all of it. As a result of the commercials, one showing a grouper recipe that looks fantastic, as well as a salad that tempts just about everyone, the Fresh from Florida website has been swamped with people wanting more information. More commercials are planned and will be shown in places other than Florida in the coming months. Itís great to see this campaign having such success, but itís not really a surprise. Our stateís ag offerings are fantastic. So many varieties are available and itís as good as anyone can get. Promoting that fact is a good thing for everyone.
Some industries do little to promote what they offer, and if consumers donít know about it, thatís lost business. Other industries promote so much it takes up a huge part of their budgets. Money for this campaign came from the BP oil spill compensation funds. There is a happy medium, though, and the key is finding the right way to market. These commercials that show people quick, easy, healthful foods that everyone would like is a great way to get the message out. We look forward to continuing the Fresh from Florida commercials and hope it bolsters our ag producers throughout the state. They are on to something good, and so are consumers who try these products.