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Board Opposes Evolution Being Taught As Fact

SEBRING - Four of five members of the School Board of Highlands County oppose the proposed change in the state's science standards that would present evolution as fact to students. Some school board members across the state have opposed the proposed revisions to the science curriculum that specifies that evolution be taught as "fact" as opposed to a "theory," School Board Attorney John McClure said at a recent school board meeting. Would the board consider a resolution opposing the proposed change in the Sunshine State Standards that would present evolution as fact? he asked. "I would for one," would support such a resolution, School Board Member Richard Norris said.
Norris, who is also a Lutheran minister, has stated that evolution should not be taught as fact and that students should be able to discuss creationism in class. School Board Member Donna Howerton said she would also entertain supporting such a resolution. School Board Chairman J. Ned Hancock said Thursday he would support the resolution to encourage the state not to approve the science standard of evolution as fact. School Board Vice Chairman Andy Tuck said Thursday, "as a person of faith, I strongly oppose any study of evolution as fact at all. I'm purely in favor of it staying a theory and only a theory. "I won't support any evolution being taught as fact at all in any of our schools." School Board Member Wally Randall could not be reached for comment and he was not present at Tuesday's school board meeting. McClure said he would draw up a resolution for the board's consideration. The current standards call for teaching the concept of "biological changes over time." The proposed new standards state: evolution is the fundamental concept underlying all of biology and is supported by multiple forms of scientific evidence. Intelligent design, the idea that life began as a result of an intelligent force or being, is not part of the proposed new standards. The proposed science standards can be viewed at flastandards.org.