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Warning: New Sweepstakes Scam

LORIDA - An elderly Lorida man who didn't wish to be identified was the target of an Ontario, Canada sweepstakes scam, but using common sense, he said he wasn't fooled. The intended victim said he received the letter in the mail last week mailed from Canada, but the envelope had no return address. Inside the envelope the "North Atlantic's Clearing" part of the International Finance Department, Brampton, Ontario, announced in a letter dated April 24, that he was one of the "declared winners" in a sweepstakes conducted through a random computer ballot system. The letter declared that although they had made unsuccessful attempts to contact him about his winning, he still had a chance to grab his $125,000 in winnings.
They even sent him a check for $4,850, from the "Bank of the West" based in Newport Beach, Cal., to be deducted from his $125,000 prize. The money was being released because the sweepstakes could not release the entire amount until he paid his $3,550 in government taxes, which he could pay directly through Money Gram, located at any Wal-Mart store. All he had to do was contact his claim agent, Allan Jean Pierre, at a certain telephone number for further instructions on how to claim his grand prize. If she didn't hear from him within a specific period of time, which was not given, "we shall assume the enclosed check as lost; it will be declared null and winning unclaimed." The letter was signed Sheila, with the name Sheila Eleen, promotional manager, underneath. The man said he brought the letter to a local law enforcement agency, but was told there was nothing they could do, and to just ignore it.