Septic tank inspections

We would like to thank Dana B. Orr for the letter that appeared in the Highlands Today Sept. 29 about the new septic tank law. Said letter was well written and very informative and we agree with everything Dana said. We question the constitutional validity of this new law (Senate Bill 550.) Article one section 9-10 Page 8 of the U.S. Constitution states that "No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed." Therefore, any septic tank installed before this law was passed should be grandfathered in and any law governing same is unconstitutional.
Just as Peter Theobold wrote, if a septic system works properly, it really does not need pumped every five years. If it's not working properly, I assure you that the homeowner as well as the neighbors will know it, and let the old existing codes be enforced. What about dairy farms? Is the cow manure generated by all the cows in Florida affecting our ground water? How can any number of leaky septic tanks compare to that? As Dana Orr suggested, we too urge the county commissioners as well as every citizen of Highlands County to fight this unconstitutional law. Bryan and David Rimer
Avon Park