With 1 delegate at stake, Kentucky re-examines its vote

State election officials will re-examine vote totals from the Democratic presidential primary on Thursday at the request of Bernie Sanders' campaign
Updated: 1 hour ago

Julian Castro to speak at Wendell Ford dinner next month

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro will be the featured speaker at the annual Wendell Ford dinner sponsored by the Kentucky Democratic Party
Updated: 1 hour ago

Report traces arc of Hillary Clinton server, agency failures

State Department report provides fresh insights into the genesis of Hillary Clinton's email server
Updated: 2 hours ago

State Department email report complicates Clinton's message

State Department's sharp rebuke of Clinton's email setup keeps issue alive as campaign fodder
Updated: 2 hours ago

Trump holds first major presidential fundraiser in L.A.

GOP presidential candidate Trump confirms in broadcast interview he used aliases in the past
Updated: 2 hours ago

Hillary Clinton opening campaign office in South Dakota

Former Texas state Senator Wendy Davis is campaigning for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the opening of her first South Dakota office
Updated: 9 hours ago

Trump says he gave himself aliases often in business

Trump confirms he often used aliases to purchase real estate, denies posing as imaginary spokesman
Updated: 5 hours ago

Eight protesters arrested outside California Trump rally

Several dozen people protested and eight were arrested outside a Donald Trump rally in California where the demonstrators were outnumbered by police aiming to prevent the kind of trouble seen at other rallies for the candidate
Updated: 9 hours ago

Trump backed by US Rep. Zinke on eve of Montana rally

Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke is endorsing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump one day before Trump is set to hold a rally in Billings
Updated: 11 hours ago

Clinton email use broke federal rules: inspector's report

Hillary Clinton disregarded State Department cybersecurity guidelines by using a private email account and server, an internal audit found Wednesday
Published: 05/25/16