Plugging educational gender-gap is important

Plugging educational gender-gap is important

Nationwide, fewer males are going to college compared with female students, and at least locally, the percentage of male students graduating from high school in four years is lower than their female counterparts.
Published: 05/04/16

Avon Park councilor should have recused himself from controversial motion

Avon Park City Councilman Parke Sutherland should have known better. When he made his controversial motion to terminate City Manager Julian Deleon Monday, three days after Deleon fired his wife, Maria Sutherland, he should have known he was opening h...
Published: 04/27/16

Continued success of IB program is refreshing

We remember not too long ago how Highlands County was abuzz with news of an incoming academically rigorous high school curriculum called the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. We learned the worldwide program was based in Geneva (hence th...
Updated one month ago

Another controversy hits Avon Park City Hall

A video SD memory card reportedly missing and inexplicably gone from a video camera used to record a public meeting. A supposed delayed compliance for a public records request. Alleged video recording of a meeting that supposedly contains derogatory ...
Updated one month ago

12 Hours of Sebring: Not just a race but a culture

The first time I went to the races, I was around 14 years old. I remember scenes such as pickup trucks with the strips and bars and stars and strips waving in the air. Not just one vehicle, but caravans of pickups, jeeps and cars all set up for this ...
Updated one month ago

New school hire could help vulnerable students

When one thinks of the homeless, what comes to mind are images of bedraggled men — often with mental or substance abuse problems — scratching out an existence in the woods or emergency shelters.
Updated one month ago

Child drowning: The most preventable cause of child death

Editor’s Note: In conjunction with National Child Abuse Prevention Month, which is observed every April, Highlands Today will run a series of guest columns on projects and initiatives by Highlands County’s Children’s Services Cou...
Updated one month ago

Is apathy to blame for cancellation of municipal elections?

Apparently, municipal residents of Sebring, Lake Placid and Avon Park who are eligible to run for office are too uninvolved in local government.
Updated one month ago

Is this political garbage what Americans died for?

Motivated by increased ratings and the insatiable appetite for sensationalism by the television moguls and talking heads, America is forced to endure a constant barrage of puerile candidate behaviors in their quest for attention. Any reasonable, thou...
Updated: 2 months ago

Several watershed moments await us in 2016

It’s hard to imagine a whole year has gone. As we take our first step into 2016, it’s impossible not to look back and reflect on 2015 — its good and bad moments.
Updated: 4 months ago