Strong storm damages isolated area of Lakeview Drive in Sebring

SEBRING - A few trees, tree limbs and docks were damaged on Lakeview Drive in a Sunday afternoon thunderstorm that swept across Lake Jackson. The National Weather Service said there were no tornadoes visible on radar but said straight-line winds of 40 to 50 mph were reported. A spokesman for the weather service said it's also possible that bursts of higher winds were possible and even potential "spin-offs" or "gust-nadoes" could have occurred. Sebring Police Chief Tom Dettman, who lives in the area where the damage occurred, said his house was pelted with debris while he and his wife moved to an interior room. Debris such as pieces of shingles, most likely from nearby docks, were on his property between Lakeview and the lake. A large tree split and fell.
A couple of docks showed damage in the area, with one submerged, but other docks were unaffected with watercrafts still tied to them. Down the street a few blocks was a large pine tree leaning at a sharp angle. The weather service spokesman said the saturated ground makes trees susceptible to being blown over.