Time for resolutions?

I can hardly believe we've arrived at January and it's time to make New Year's resolutions we all break faster than the seal on the celebratory champagne. What will the New Year bring? I can only hope it will include a little bit more time.

Time I will spend going for a run at least 4-5 times a week, knowing I'll be fit and fabulous after a few hundred miles. This is the goal, while reality will be more like three runs a week, only two of them really good, and a fitter, but not necessarily thinner physique. I just don't have the time to run every day right now.

Having more time to write would be wonderful, too. Perhaps an entire afternoon dedicated to querying agents on the list I put together and then didn't get back to soon enough. By now, with so much time gone by, most have likely moved on, retired or got their dream client and are too busy negotiating six figure movie rights to be concerned about reading my submission.

Perhaps then my time would be better spent catching up with old friends. I could couple this with my resolution to take a lunch break every day, taking some time for myself. Unfortunately, I already know this probably won't happen as I'm a busy bee. Lunch seems to conflict with my full desk, taunting me if I dare step out for a break I might forget to follow through on something I'm in the middle of. By the time I button up the various things I'm working on, it's almost time to go home. Who has time for a lunch date?

Maybe, then, my resolutions should focus on spending time at home. With a busy teen in the house, my home feels more like a layover than an actual destination most days. Between sports, activities, church, work and other life events, we seem to be here only for dressing and sleeping. Who has time to maintain a home? No one has a burning desire to assist with cleaning, maintenance or upkeep, mostly because all are pressed for time. The cats, too busy sleeping, won't dust and the dog hates the vacuum almost as much as the kid does. They may have nothing better to do and all day to do it, but remain unwilling or unable to assist at this time.

Thus resolutions seem pointless as days fly by and demands come from all directions. Who has the time?

Our friends, just on the other side of this timeline of life, no longer have children at home and find themselves with loads of time. Sometimes, they share, there's so much of it they don't know what to do with themselves anymore. For those of us still in the thick of raising kids, this is unfathomable.

Too much time seems comparable to the old statement of being too rich or too thin. Is this even possible? Perhaps my resolutions should be placed aside for when I have too much time. Maybe then the daily run, the weekend writing and the clean home will be a snap to accomplish. I can't help but consider, however, that waiting for the time to do this or that often leaves one with unrealized goals. We can never be sure time will be granted at a later date. For this reason, I am choosing to think of resolutions as goals to strive for, but not necessarily reach on a daily basis. After all, who has the time to have regrets?