2022 Travelers Championship Leaderboard: Sander Schaffel defeated Patrick Cantley to retain the 3rd round lead

He was challenged, he was threatened, and at one point he was leveled, but at the end of the third round of the Travelers Championship on Saturday, Xander Schauffele did not retain his lead over other grounds. On Sunday, he will have his first win at the individual PGA Tour event since January 2019.

With that said, the last Schauffele to win the PGA Tour, Collin Morikawa – now with six wins across the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour – was in California, and eight more events have not turned professional.

A team win at the Zurich Classic earlier this season – Schaffel was one ahead of his teammate Patrick Conte for his latest PGA Tour success. Cantley converted the five-stroke deficit into a final by a one-stroke difference at the start of Round of the Shoot and Round 3 on Saturday.

Here’s a look at how their third rounds played out and what to expect on Sunday.


1. Xander Schauffele (-17): Even after finishing the final hole on Saturday, it seemed that Schauffele could kick his presence. When he was off, he had five in the Cantley and four in a pair of early chargers, and Schauffele started strong enough to maintain that lead. Playing the first six holes in the second nine in 1 over, he was out in the middle of his round.

He number. 16 and no. At 17 he jumped back with the birdie – the latter almost knocking over the pin – as well as the last one clutch bar foot to maintain his short edge. Overall, considering how many shots he sucked from other competitors, it was a good day for Shaffil. Whether he can do it for the next two days will determine the outcome of this match.

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Consider this too: According to Data Golf, from the fall of 2015, Schaffel has led or drawn seven times in the final round of a tournament. In both of those seven shows, he got strokes against what he expected. Won two of the seven of them. It was something to remember when he saw it on Sunday afternoon.

Data Golf

Other competitors

2. Patrick Cantley (-16)

3. Sahit Deegala (-14)

4. Kevin Kissner (-13)

T5. Martin Lord, KH Lee (-12)

Condley is the biggest contender from the group, reaching his 63rd birthday on Saturday. He was a zero putter (i.e. he did not get or lost strokes on the field), and he led the field on the strokes he received in the approach from tee to green.

Condley is not the best story from this group. It will be the flame that competed in the Phoenix Open earlier this year Cried after coming up for a playoff Coincidentally, the win was between Cantley and Scotty Scheffler. He has been playing terrific golf for most of the year without missing cuts after the recent top 10 spots at The Players and Memorial in March. A win here for him would be a fantastic hat for a great new season (and he will change too He is the second newcomer to win this year’s tour)

An amateur argues

Amateur Michael Thorbjornsen – a 20-year-old junior rising to Stanford – scored 77-69 in Brooklyn last week, but he returned this week and is in the T7 after three rounds. Schaffel. Going down to the top of this board was not his chance to become the first amateur to win a PGA Tour event in three decades, but the whole experience made him happy and happy to watch.

“I think one thing that can help me win or come in second or third, I’m not getting paid in any way, so this is another match for me,” Thorbjorson said. “It’s still a round of golf. I’ll try to do what I did today. Focus on my swing. As I make sure I get to some positions, I think there will be no regrets tomorrow.”

He was paired with Web Simpson in the final round.

Travel of friends

Condley and Schaffel, famous, fast friends and holiday friends. I don’t know if it will help or hurt them on Sunday regarding winning this golf tournament – they both think it will help – but it will definitely be the whole talking point. If speed goes the right way, number on Saturday. We can see many scenes like the one done in 17.

“It’s fun,” Schauffele said. “I’m looking forward to playing with the bat in the final round. We do not often pair up in regular matches, only on those teams. So I hope we’ve played with each other to a certain degree of comfort. I hope it’s fruitful and we can breed a lot.”

“I think playing with him will help me because I know his game well,” he added. “I can shake him if I have anything. It’s going to be a lot of fun tomorrow. I’m looking forward to releasing it with the bat by Tuesday.”

“It’s a pleasure to be out with Xander,” Condley said. “We have never really played a competitive game together, probably only three times in the last three, four years. So it’s good to go out with him again. I hope both of us play golf well.”

Improved contradictions and choices

Here you can see the updated odds with 18 holes for playing through the Caesars Sportsbook.

  • Xander Hoe: +110
  • Patrick Cantley: +130
  • Sahitya Deegala: 11-1
  • Kevin Kissner: 20-1
  • KH Lee: 30-1
  • Scotty Scheffler: 50-1
  • Web Simpson: 50-1
  • Martin Lord: 50-1

Give Scheffler a 50-1 here. He’s seven lags, but capable of shooting 61 or 62 on this golf course, which would definitely be enough. I do not like Schauffele at +110, and if I had to pick one of the guys above, I would go with Cantlay in a slightly longer number, even though Schauffele was rated slightly lower when playing from this position. I can also talk to Diego, who ranks third in strokes up to Tea to Green (Scheffler fourth).

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