A new area of ​​interest has been raised in the Caribbean Sea as the peak of Atlantic hurricanes approaches

The Atlantic Ocean basin has been very busy with tropical systems, and the coming weeks could bring even more activity as the National Hurricane Center adds another area to their list of places they’re watching for possible tropical development.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Storm Franklin made landfall on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic on Wednesday morning, and two tropical disturbances are spinning far out in the Atlantic. In addition, Tropical Storm Harald brought heavy rain and flooding to Texas on Tuesday, and its remnants are now moving toward the desert Southwest, still reeling from the remnants of Tropical Storm Hillary earlier this week.

All of this comes just before the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, which falls on September 10th. The basin sees the most tropical activity between mid-August and mid-October.

Guide to the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Looking at the Caribbean Sea again

The NHC highlighted a new area of ​​interest in the northwest Caribbean Sea on Wednesday. Forecasters are watching for a low pressure area that stretches from the Gulf of Honduras to the Gulf of Mexico in the next few days. It could get better organized later this week and early next week as it moves into the eastern Gulf of Mexico. It has a chance of 20% growth within the next seven days.

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Tropical Storm Franklin hits the Dominican Republic

Tropical Storm Franklin made landfall in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday morning, pummeling Hispaniola and Puerto Rico throughout the day through Thursday with heavy rain and gusts of up to 50 mph.

Franklin is moving north-northeast at 13 mph and sits about 5 miles east of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. It is about 195 miles south-southeast of Grand Turk Island. It has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph with high gusts.

Average 2023 Atlantic hurricane season expected with 17 named storms, NOAA says

Other areas of interest should be monitored

As the remnants of Tropical Storm Emily move northward over the subtropical Mid-Atlantic, the chances of it redeveloping are increasing. The NHC has predicted a 70% chance of becoming a tropical depression within the next two days and a 70% chance within the next week.

The NHC has forecast a low chance of a tropical depression near Africa in the eastern tropical Atlantic later this week. An “investment” is an NHC term used to identify areas they are exploring for potential development A tropical depression or tropical storm Within the next seven days. According to the NHC, with conditions currently unfavorable for development, 92L has a 20% chance of development over the next two days and a 40% chance of becoming a tropical depression over the next seven days.

The next tropical storm or cyclone will be named Italia.

Beware of the ‘I’ storm: It has more retirees than any letter used for Atlantic hurricane names.

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